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In Italian for shark, Squalo reminds us that life is but a journey of enlightenment and that to live is to make another progress towards achieving our ambitions

Established in 2015, Squalo Dev is here to help small- and mid-sized businesses move forward. We work closely with our clients to provide innovative and comprehensive business solutions ranging from data mining services to scalable web framework development. With that said, if you need assistance with something other than the services we currently offer, please don't hesitate to reach out.



When Dr. Leonid Hurwicz introduced the notion of Incentive-Compatibility in his 1972 article, "On Informationally Decentralized Systems," it was a pivotal moment in the field of Mechanism Design.

His research, which was then further developed by Dr. Eric Maskin's Implementation Theory and Dr. Roger Myerson's Revelation Principle, enabled economists to identify efficient trade mechanisms, regulatory frameworks, and voting procedures.

In short, we interpret the three Nobel Laureates' contributions to Mechanism Deisgn as understanding how we can leverage big data to align different interests and to bring about the best possible outcome for all.

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Our Services

We specialize in taking interdisciplinary approach for deriving our solutions so that we can provide our clients with comprehensive set of services and technical support

Web Design

Static websites for personal projects, business promotion, or update


Virtual Private Server (VPS) deployment, SSL certificate installation

Data Scraping

From simple HTML parsers to dynamic crawlers for handling Javascript


Leverage big data to gain further business insights for growth

Fun Fact About Sharks

Although some species of sharks, notably the Great White Sharks, are obligate ram ventilators meaning that they can drown if they stop ramming water into their mouth to flow out the gills slits, this trait pertains only to a few.

For instance, Tiger Sharks can alternate between ram ventilation and buccal pumping, which involves using the cheek muscles to draw in water, as the situation sees fit.

In this regard, the founder named the company Squalo Dev after musing on the relations between the respiratory system of sharks and human society.

On one hand, there are those who are complacent with exactly where they are. On the other, there are those who wish to further cultivate their dreams.

Which side do you belong?

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